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Bio & Artist Statement


Patricia Heuker of Hoek is a Dutch photographer, influenced by developments that affect the lives of the next generation. Her focus is on humanity’s intervention with the planet, on growing up in a digital world   and other important issues which define the world and future of children. 


As an artist, I create images that speak about the fragility of nature, of life, of us. My subjects seem easily damaged, broken or harmed, but they have a lot of strength within them.
Part of the creating process, is watching my teenage daughters grow up, to become strong, self-respecting, caring girls. 

Exhibitions 2021

Exhibition MCArtprize, Florence, Italy

Ad Art Show, The Oculus, New York, U.S

Het Fotolokaal, The Netherlands

Exhibitions 2020

Photo Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Het Fotolokaal, The Netherlands

Exhibition At the Art Fair - Brooklyn NY

Exhibitions 2019

Galerie Gaius, De Bilt, NL 

Ad Art Show, The Oculus, New York, U.S

International Art Fair Tokyo, Japan 

Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switserland

M.A.D.S Milano, Italy

Sublimations/ Voies off, Arles, France

MCARTPRIZE 2019, Basilicata, Italy

International Art Fair Amsterdam, NL

Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco

Creative Climate Awards, New York, U.S

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